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CBC News Toronto
Anchor Ann Marie Mediwake has hired X.Ray for her triplets' birthday party, and here is what she has to say after the show
Fortune 500 Toronto companies have hired X.Ray for their Christmas Parties, Open Houses, BBQ and special events:
X.Ray is also available for schools, day cares, private functions such as family gathering, birthday parties etc. 

Children Show (age 3-9)
Ideal for day care centre, birthday parties, bar mitzvah etc where there will be mostly younger children present.
The 45 minute show will be very visual, highly interactive, and incorporating many silly physical humor to cater to even the youngest child in the audience. The children will be laughing and screaming with excitement throughout the show. If there was a child of honour, he/she would be the star of the show. There is also a special sweet surprise for the Mom. Every mom loves this moment! As a grand finale, the child of honour will use his/her magic to make a paper goldfish to come alive! The child of honour can keep the goldfish after the show. An alternative finale(instead of goldfish trick) X.Ray can also make a live bunny magically appear from a hat, and the kids can pet/photograph the bunny after the show.
***If you wish to have both goldfish and bunny in the show, please contact me for more details. 
Family Show (all ages) 
Ideal for company Christmas parties, first birthdays, teen parties, school shows, open houses, mall etc where there is mixed of kids and adults.
It is a very funny and entertaining 45 minute interactive show with live animals. The kids will have a lot of fun laughing non-stop. There will be live animals in the show. X.Ray will perform his award-winning goldfish act. Someone will put a goldfish cracker in his mouth, and when he spits it out, it will become a live goldfish. Then the whole bag of goldfish crackers will turn into live fishes swimming in a fishbowl. And in the end, X.Ray will make everything to disappear! A magic show wouldn't complete without the production of a live bunny. So as a grand finale, X.Ray will magically make a live bunny from an empty hat. Everyone can pet the bunny and take photos with the bunny after the show. The show is not just for the kids, adults will enjoy it as well. X.Ray will engage the adults with his sleight-of-hand magic, where he borrows a $20 bill, have someone signs it, then disappears it in his fingertips and only have it reappear inside a lime. The audience will be thoroughly amazed when they cut open the lime to find the signed bill inside. 

"All expectations were exceeded! Magician Ray 'spoke' the language of the 5-year old audience who were in stitches for truly, the entire show. Parents were equally entertained, with many asking for his card at the end of the party. No need to look any further, Ray is all you need to make your party a memorable hit! We opted for the bunny ending (as opposed to the goldfish)which proved to be a nice alternative and allowed for some great photo opps with the kids. Ray - you were superb! Thanks again! 
Sonia P, Toronto 
"We had Ray over at our kids birthday party. There were 12 kids (age 7-12) and about 16 adults.The show was amazing, the tricks that he showed us, amazed even the adult audience, and the kids just loved it. He did not show us those old type, "taking-off-my-thumb" style tricks, but a really refreshing, new and very well engineered performance. Very well worth the money, and I certainly would recommend Ray if you want an in house entertainment for any kind of party you may throw."
Csaba Mak,Toronto
"Adults and children alike were in awe of your presentation!! Everyone had a most enjoyable time. Thanks for having gone above and beyond by ensuring that each child received at least one balloon!!!"
Lisa Palmer, Mississauga
"Hi Ray, thanks for coming out last night to the June Ave BBQ. The whole evening was a huge success - full of energy and lots of noise. The kids seemed to be completely taken with your performance and one parent actually commented on how well their child was sitting attentively - she had never seen her child sit for so long!"
Guelph June Avenue School  
"The children had such a wonderful time! I know that Ray gave them a timeless memory to treasure!"
Toronto Wedgewood Junior School
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"His relaxed style and squeaky clean presentation, gave a tremendous boost to the overall fIavour of the event. I am pleased to say that, many of our guests made a point of stopping the committee members at the event and expressing their gratitude for his presence.People are still asking if he will return next year, and we are planning on that already."
Cambridge Riverfest
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"Ray exceeded beyond our expectations in providing an exciting and entertaining evening and definitely made a lasting impression. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any age or functions." 
AWHL Christmas Party Toronto

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"He is very professional, and great with audience. It was truly a pleasure having a chance to work with someone so talented."
UW Canada Day Celebration    

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"We laughed so much, and enjoying your magic show as well as seeing the children laughing so hard. Many adults also mentioned that your show was far more engaging, creative and exceeded their past experiences."
Waterloo Region Japanese Canadian Community Association

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"He appeals to all children as he is able to amaze them and always bring a smile to their face. His versatility also makes me appealing and entertaining to teenage as well as adults of all ages."

 East Side Mario's, Mississauga
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