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Sleight of Hand Original Magic: someone places a goldfish cracker in X.Ray's mouth, then it will become a live goldfish when it is spit out, then a whole bag of goldfish crackers will turn into live goldfishes. Original routine, amazing magic, performing only by yours truly - X.Ray!
Mind-Reading Predictions: a sealed prediction envelope is presented to the audience prior to the show, volunteers will be chosen by random to provide random answers to random questions. After a series of hilarious audience participation, one of the audience member opens the sealed prediction envelope, miraculous all X.Ray's predictions come true. X.Ray has been tipped by CEOs $100 many times and received numerous standing ovation for this prediction trick alone!
Danger and Thrill: this isn't a magic trick, it is a stunt requires utmost discipline of concentration and years of training. X.Ray will attempt to...let's keep it a secret for now because you have to see it to believe it. 
Audience amazement and entertainment guaranteed, or your money back!

Strolling magic is ideal for casual settings where your guests are standing around mingling or seated around a table. The magic will complement your event by smoothing out the awkward moment of silence or waiting and generate fun and buzz for your party. X.Ray will stroll around the venue and perform incredible close-up magic to make your event the one to talk about and remember! 
...a signed $20 is burnt but reappears inside a pack of sealed gum.
...a metal fork bends, twists and breaks in half at the magician's command.
...a $5 bill is borrowed, then at X.Ray's fingertip, $5 slowly turns into $50.

"Our event was a huge success!...throughout the show we saw tears of laughter and everyone was wowed by the quality of tricks!"
"We were delighted and amazed by your poise and charisma. You captivated our audience and I was pleasantly surprised that even our most skeptical guests seemed thoroughly impressed by you.You kept our 100 diagnostic imaging technologists and medical doctors guessing and wanting more!"