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It is all about the guests!
X.Ray can help you to break the ice, bring families and friends together by engaging them in close-up intimate magic. Everyone will enjoy and rave about his show, and you are the one getting all of the credits for hiring one of the best in the business.   
X.Ray's close-up magic is funny engaging and unforgettable: a drawing of a goldfish comes alive at a flash of light; a signed 20 dollar bill disappeared in the thin air and only reappears inside a lime that a spectator is holding; a fork is bended, twisted and broken in half at command...
Cocktail Package
When the guests head to the reception site for the cocktail hour, X.Ray will keep the mood festive and fun by mingling with your guests and performing strolling close-up magic. His interactive style of performance will keep the conversation flowing and the waiting time will become enjoyable. It is also a great icebreaker for in-laws and guests from different sides of the families to get to know each other.
Reception Package
It is nearly impossible to create a perfect seating arrangement so that every guest at every table knows all of their tablemates. This can create times of awkward silences or little conversations going on amongst just the guests that know each other. To compound the problem, occasional delays of the kitchen service will make the time uncomfortable for your guests. X.Ray will bring his unique style of magic to each table. The tables become small stages and everyone will be pampered with a close-up magic show that they will never forget. You will hear excitement, cheering, and laughter everywhere.
VIP Exclusive Package 
This packages will give you most magic and most flexibility in having magic at your wedding. X.Ray will stay for the entire evening, from the start of the cocktail hour to the end of the reception. Not only that, you will receive a 20 minute stage magic show to bring everyone together. It is a shared magical moment that everyone will remember for a very long time.